Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

Breast Enhancements - Different Ways To Increase Your Breast Size

This society has somehow instilled in us that every female's breast size defines a lot. So, it is but natural for women to consider breast enhancement measures in order to achieve a desired breast size.

With the help of the wonders of cosmetics, surgical breast augmentation has become a popular resort. Over the years, women who have undergone surgical enhancement that though the procedure cost a fortune, in the name of a big breast size, it has always been worth it.

But the thing is, not everyone can take the easy way. Firstly, the post-surgical effects of these breast enhancements predispose one's health to possible complications in the future. Secondly, not everyone can afford to spend much on enhancing breast size and shape alone. And lastly, the surgical means of breast enhancement isn't the only way to boost up ones breast size.

There are some alternatives that promotes breast enhancement just as well as a surgery can do. These range from basic upper torso exercises up to over the counter breast size booster pills and topical creams.

Many breast enhancement pills are derived from traditional herbal products that contain breast enhancing properties and the like. Saw palmetto, blessed thistle, Dong Quai and Mexican wild yam are the most common herbal mixes for breast enhancement. These breast enhancement pills are said to yield the same hormonal effects that happen during puberty, when women's breast size starts to increase. It is said that these breast enhancement pills produce estrogen, the tissue responsible for breast tissue growth, hence the increase in breast size.

The disadvantage of resorting into breast enhancement pills is that, it takes time for the desired effect to be attained. For instance, in women with small to medium breast size, it takes up to two months before breast enhancement pills takes effect. On a lighter note, some women uses breast enhancement pills continues to take breast enhancement pills even after the increase in breast size is evident because of other positive changes in health.

Breast enhancement pills is a good alternative to surgical breast augmentation because these pills are natural, non-invasive and less expensive.

On the other hand, the use of breast enhancement creams and lotions are also recommended. Often, breast enhancement cream and lotion is used together with the aforementioned breast enhancement pills, or is coupled with upper torso exercises. Breast enhancement lotion and cream is known to provide substantial breast size increase, especially if paired with another breast enhancement mechanism.

Breast enhancement creams and lotions pretty have the same mechanism of action as that with the breast enhancement pills. Herbal contents of these lotions and creams are said to activate specific body chemicals that signal the growth of breast tissue, hence the increase in breast size. Also, by virtue of cosmetic technology, commercial breast enhancement creams now come with added cosmetic benefits like making ones breast smoother, firmer and fuller.

Last but not the least, women can opt for the time-tested breast enhancement technique at no cost at all--- breast enhancement physical exercises. These exercises are the cheapest, safest and most natural method there is. It promotes breast size growth, though one needs dedication and hard work in order for desired effects to be achieved.

Them most popular breast enhancement exercise is the breast enhancement push-ups because it strengthens the muscle in the anterior portion of your upper body. Breast enhancement push-up exercises should be performed at least ten repetitions per session and on a regular basis in order to achieve desired breast size.

Engaging in a regular breast enhancement exercise routine may not only develop the growth of your breast tissues but strengthens your back and shoulder muscles and bones as well. This way, you are most likely to attain proper posture, and as we know, a good posture is also one easy breast enhancement technique.

By: Sandis Jackson